About Our Business
Rastacart is a Directory of Cannabis Home Delivery Services located within your state.

Our mission is simple: To be able to provide local solutions for marijuana delivery services.

We started this business at the beginning of 2020, and plan on continuing to grow until all
basic needs are met nationwide.

If you are interested in putting your courier service/dispensary on display for your home
state, please contact us for a free quote.

Advertising space will be filing up rapidly, so be sure to get YOUR business in at the ground

We plan on advertising Rastacart in a multitude of local newspapers and online directories.
Our movement will be a grassroots movement, because we know that integrity and word of
mouth are the most powerful forms of advertising.

We work diligently, on your behalf, to provide only the best services available to you in your
area! Thank you for choosing Rastacart!!!
Cannabis Home Delivery Services